You can move forward with confidence

You can move forward with confidence

Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling to help you align your life with your values.
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Receive Compassion
Gain Clarity
Adapt With Confidence

Life is good... until it isn't...

Something has shattered your sense of stability or eaten away at your sense of self. Your life has changed — or needs to change.

What do you do when:
Broken relationships lead to disconnection.
Feeling overwhelmed leads to burnout.
Problematic patterns lead to hurtful behaviors.
Unfulfilled expectations lead to disappointment.
Lack of clarity leads to feeling stuck.
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Your life is too valuable for you to feel discouraged and unsupported.

You can heal from betrayal and loss.

We can help you through pain and grief so you can find healing and wholeness.

You can overcome unfulfilled expectations.

We’ll help you name your wounds and clarify your values so you can envision and achieve a new future.

You can get free from problematic patterns.

We’ll help you identify counterproductive thoughts and behaviors so you can live in new, healthier ways.
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You shouldn’t have to go through a difficult situation alone.

Pivot’s counselors can help.

We Understand

Although our counselors are highly trained, we’re also just normal humans. This means we’ve faced situations where we felt blindsided, uncertain, or like things could swirl out of control. That’s part of being human.

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We can help

Everyday, we use our clinical experience and advanced training to guide people through depression and anxiety, divorce and loss, career changes, big moves, and other life-altering decisions.

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Credentialed by the National Board for Certified Counselors
Member of the American Counseling Association
Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Healing is a journey.
Here’s how to get started:
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We’ll listen with care and empathy. Our Zeeland office is a safe place for you to sort through your struggles.

Regain Your Clarity & Confidence

We’ll help you clarify what you value most and create a plan to orient your life around your deepest values.

Embrace Your Future

We’ll walk with you as you step into your  future — one that’s filled with self-knowledge, confidence, and hope.

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“For the last few years nothing seemed to be working for me. Work had become so stressful and my home life strained. Then a friend told me about Pivot Counseling. My counselor helped me identify problematic behaviors in my life that have been holding me back. Now, I'm much more hopeful. With their guidance, I’ve reshaped my life into something I’m excited about!"
Mike | Pivot's Client

Start moving forward.